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Lessons learned
Several months ago we started taking quotes for final fairing and painting of Ishtar. Those quotes ranged wildly (partially because of the boats location) and finally we decided to tackle the job ours...
John Lange
NEW - CHS X19 - 19' Trailerable Sailboat
Mission Statement: To build a Trailerable Trimaran Sailboat that is as Light as a TRiAK, Faster than a WETA, and more Comfortable than a WindRider. John and Marge Lange have been serving the boatin...
OLD 70s sunfish restore
I am attempting to restore and older 70s ( really not sure how to tell) sunfish a neighbor gave me..I am 49 and just learning to sail and wanted a project to work on in my garage.. I will add pics as ...
I am just venting as we move to refreshing sailmonsters focus and software. The amount of spammers on the web is utterly disguisting. Why a spammer who sells knock off shoes and bags would continuosly...
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