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Lessons learned
Several months ago we started taking quotes for final fairing and painting of Ishtar. Those quotes ranged wildly (partially because of the boats location) and finally we decided to tackle the job ours...
John Lange
NEW - CHS X19 - 19' Trailerable Sailboat
Mission Statement: To build a Trailerable Trimaran Sailboat that is as Light as a TRiAK, Faster than a WETA, and more Comfortable than a WindRider. John and Marge Lange have been serving the boatin...
OLD 70s sunfish restore
I am attempting to restore and older 70s ( really not sure how to tell) sunfish a neighbor gave me..I am 49 and just learning to sail and wanted a project to work on in my garage.. I will add pics as ...
I am just venting as we move to refreshing sailmonsters focus and software. The amount of spammers on the web is utterly disguisting. Why a spammer who sells knock off shoes and bags would continuosly...
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Sailmonster Series - Sarasota Bay - Race 1
2012/13 SBYA Sailmonster Series: Race #1 on 07 Oct 2012 Div Boat Name Sail No. Skipper Boat Type Rating Finish Elapsed Corrected Seconds Pursuit Rank Time Time Time Behind Start Non-Spinnaker ...
Free Postings on SM
Be sure to check out the marketplace. Sailmonster offers free posting for boats, gear, services and more. You can also enter your paypal email and get paid instantly. Most sailors are slow payersAll...
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Sarasota Sailing Squadron Mooring Field
Well, after years of battling the State it looks like the SSS is down to 38 mooring from over 100. The "Lucky 38" were chosen by various members with criteria that measured, years of service, volunte...
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Fat Guy with the Hot Wife....
Ok, so years ago I used to play sports and work out all the time. 4 kids and a bunch of sailboats later I have become the fat guy with the hot wife. So, with that said and being in my mid 40's it is...
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Bone Island Regatta
The race to Key West was a challenging race as we experienced light winds on the nose most of the time with rolling waves coming in from previous storms off shore. Our crew was myself, Gregg Knighton,...
In Transit Home Part 4
Sorry it took so long but I've been really busy. As I write this I'm snug in my bunk anchored in Boca Ciega Bay outside the yacht club. And what a great little club it is. It's hard to believe I did i...
In Transit Home Part 3
Wow... I've been going so long it's hard to keep track. So we made it to Stuart at daybreak. The channel was poorly marked but with sunlight and gps we figured it out. I didn't realize how far in o...
In Transit Home Part 2
So last night we pushed on through toward the keys. The winds were howling and we were humming along on a single reefer main. The boom on Trident has to be angled up to avoid sweeping the electronic...
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In Transit Home part 1
Well hello fellow monsters from the beautiful Atlantic ocean. We are about 5 miles or so off the east coast of Florida just out from Daytona. The winds are averaging 15 knots and we are rocking and ...
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Genesis of Trident the Trimaran
At least this is the genesis of Trident the trimaran for me. I've been keeping track of boat prices for decades. 14 years ago I bought an old 36' fiberglass over plywood trimaran for 10k. It needed a...