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In Transit Home part 1
Well hello fellow monsters from the beautiful Atlantic ocean. We are about 5 miles or so off the east coast of Florida just out from Daytona. The winds are averaging 15 knots and we are rocking and ...
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To all my Sailmonster Friends MERRY CHRISTMAS. NEW SITE LOOKING. GOOD O...
NYC SM Adventure
We left for NYC Thursday after work and arrived around 10pm. It was a crazy day as I have been really busy with my other company and trying to close out things for the day was a nightmare but ended ...
In Transit Home Part 2
So last night we pushed on through toward the keys. The winds were howling and we were humming along on a single reefer main. The boom on Trident has to be angled up to avoid sweeping the electronic...
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In Transit Home Part 3
Wow... I've been going so long it's hard to keep track. So we made it to Stuart at daybreak. The channel was poorly marked but with sunlight and gps we figured it out. I didn't realize how far in o...